Welcome to Trumpet911

We specialise in providing business support for high-tech, high-growth, small to medium sized businesses in the UK. In business we all need specialist help from time to time, but often it can be difficult to find.

For example you may need support to help overcome changes in your market, fast-growth-pains, financial stresses, strategic planning etc.

Our affiliates and member network provide you with precisely the support services you need, and only for as long as you need them.

We want you to view our network as an extension of your own team, with the added benefit that it only costs you money when being used – there is no fixed cost for your business.

In many cases we can help with applications for financial support from Local Enterprise Partnerships and Growth Hubs – further offsetting the costs of business support.

On one level business challenges can be simplified as three key elements; sales revenue, operational efficiency and profitability.

However, the myriad factors contributing to underperformance in any one, two or all three of these elements are what makes being in business both challenging and rewarding.

If you are facing business challenges and need specialist support then please contact us for a FREE, confidential initial meeting.

Our services

Start-up support

If you have a great idea but need investment, or you are an existing business starved of funds to launch new products and services, then we can help.

Business turnaround

Problems typically come down to missing top-line revenue targets, spiralling costs and process inefficiencies – impacting on cash flow.

Technical support

We have worked with the majority of tech businesses listed in the Fortune 500 and bring knowledge of the markets and how the technologies are progressing.

Business efficiency

Even the best-run businesses have room for improvement but maybe your management teams are too close to the day-to-day action, or just too busy.

Strategic business planning

Bringing innovative concepts successfully to life requires careful and considered planning with clear objectives and staged deliverables.

Sales and marketing

Our unique blend of technical knowledge, commercial acumen and entrepreneurial drive allows us to understand the markets we serve.

Sale and exit preparation

We have considerable experience in mergers and acquisitions and know the processes leading up to the sale, as there are many steps along the way.

Mergers and acquisitions

We can offer support through the whole process, from initial identification of target companies and early approaches, through valuation and price negotiation.

Our network

We have a close team of affiliates on hand to support your business with the things that matter, for example resolving management problems, increasing sales, securing your software, raising finance and getting your products and services to market.

We are reinforced by a network of over 220 accredited business professionals throughout the UK and with a vast spread of skills. We can solve business problems from the prosaic to the most complicated. Such expertise has always been the domain of large organisations and conglomerates, but through our network exactly the same level of professional support is available to smaller and medium sized businesses.

We offer as much help as you and your business need, when you need it, so you only pay for what you really want.

Our professional advisors have established relationships with the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and Business Growth Hubs so we can help you find business support through the LEP Network.

Growth hubs work across the country with local and national, public and private sector partners – such as Chambers of Commerce, universities, Enterprise Zones and banks, coordinating local business support and connecting your business to the right help for your needs.

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