Trumpet911 specialise in supporting high-tech businesses which are active in the following market sectors.


The UK’s automotive sector is one of the success stories of the last decade, with strong growth both in the home market and overseas.

New technologies are bringing new challenges to the sector with advances in connected vehicles, infotainment, emergency recovery services, on-board wireless systems, advanced driver automation systems, etc.

We have experience of the market and in particular the testing and certification requirements for vehicle electronics, control units, software and automotive cybersecurity.

Cellular Mobile Technology & Mobile Devices

Several of our team have been actively involved in the cellular sector since its inception in the 1980’s.

We have expertise of mobile devices and networks across three technological generations, having supported product development, type approvals and in-service performance.


The high-tech sector covers myriad products and services, ranging from electromedical devices, through consumer electronics to telemetry and content delivery.

In general, if the product or service involves electronic hardware, firmware and software, then in all probability we will have experts on hand to support your business.

Trumpet 911 Image
Trumpet 911 Image

Internet of Things

This sector supports the connectivity of devices in virtually all environments, from the home, workplace, retail, leisure and automotive. Generally described as a “wireless megatrend”, the Internet of Things is driving forwards the development of interconnected machines.

This is a fast-moving, fast-growing market sector for which the analysts are predicting spectacular growth over the next decade.

Payment Transactions & Mobile Payments

We have expertise in the payments sector, having been involved in the banking migration to Chip & PIN and subsequent evolution to fully mobile payment services.

As fraudsters become increasingly sophisticated, then so too must the payment service providers and their infrastructure. Failures can cause huge problems for payment schemes, banks and customers.

Software & Cybersecurity

The reliability of software and its resistance to cybercrime are clearly of paramount importance to businesses which either have software embedded in their products, or else use software tools and IT systems to conduct their business.

Within our ranks we have a number of specialists from the sector who understand both the technical as well as the business issues.

Trumpet 911 Image
Trumpet 911 Image


The telecommunications sector is vast and is continually under pressure from a society which is demanding increasing data bandwidth and speed.

From wired internet access, to wireless and mobile telecommunications services, we have advisors with experience of the sector, ready to support you and your business needs.

Wearable Technology

Wearables devices, along with augmented and virtual reality, represents a new wave of technological advances for body-worn wireless accessories. Currently enjoying significant growth in health and fitness applications, the forecasters predict steady growth over the next five years.

Wearables also find applications in the electromedical field, with devices used for patient monitoring and emergency alarms.

Wireless Devices and Services

Our team includes experts from the field of wireless devices and services, with deep knowledge of technologies such as digital short range communications devices, Bluetooth, ZigBee, Near-Field Communications, mobile radio and radar.

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